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What is a Solo Ad and Why Are They So Popular?

What is a Solo Ad ?

Solo ads are the fastest, cheapest, easiest way to build a list of active prospects and often active buyers, in a relatively short period of time…Solo Ads Email Marketing Solo Ads Generate Income

The popularity of Solo Ads has soared in recent times due to the constant unpredictable changes in search marketing (SEO) and PPC that have penalized many Internet Marketing business models…

Solo Ads became the logical choice to replace the keyword driven search traffic with traffic from permission based targeted mailing lists.  Most marketers agree that they actually get similar results to those from SEO and PPC, but they also get a higher percentage of sales.

Solo ads could reach hundreds of thousands or even millions of prospects who you may not have been reached by marketing with any other method.

Just like Search & PPC, Solo Ads have a variety of paid options at nearly all price levels and of course there are free options that have less reliable results.

So, what is a solo ad?

As the name suggest, it is a stand alone ad that is sent to the subscribers of a mailing list. Think of it in terms of renting a list of pre-qualified prospects.

Since the Solo is not polluted with other distracting ads, it is the perfect vehicle to advertise a specific brand, product, service or organization as its sole purpose.

As such, it stands apart from the other mail the subscribers receive and is designed to focus their attention completely on what the solo ad is offering.

Since smart marketers only buy Solos from list owners with lists targeted to their market, the subscribers of the list are open to receiving your ads.  More importantly these subscribers opted in to receive information about your niche which means they are a very warm market.

Solo Ad Prices Vary…

As with everything you get what you pay for but there are was to send Solo Ads to a targeted list at no cost to you…  We’ll start there.

Ad Swaps are growing in popularity and ideal for the marketer on a small budget or no budget at all… You simply swap ads with another marketer sending his to your list while he sends your ad to his.

As for pricing it varies based on the quality, size and freshness of the list… in general you can pay anywhere from 5 cents a subscriber or click on your link to 65 cents… extremely high quality lists could cost as much as $4 a click to the advanced marketer with high paying offers.

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